March newsletter

March Newsletter Fun Fun Fun at the Okanagan Open This past weekend Lake Country Judo and the Kelowna Judo Clubs hosted our annual Okanagan Open. This was a developmental level tournament designed to introduce young judoka to judo competitions. We had at least 8...

Lake Country Judo Club wins big at Abbotsford championships

From Castanet News Lake Country Judo Club is celebrating after a sweeping win at the Abbotsford International Judo Championships. It's the first time the club has competed there in years, after being taken over by local black belt national champions Chris Smiley and...

Lake Country Judo Club is getting two new senseis to keep the almost 40-year-old club going

From Kelowna Capital News There are new and excited faces taking over the Lake Country Judo Club. Senseis Kathy Hubble and Chris Smiley are taking over the almost 40-year-old club this upcoming season starting in early September. Hubble and Smiley are both...

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Judo B.C. Annual Association Fee:
(runs from Sept. 1 – Aug. 30)
All members must be registered with Judo B.C./Judo Canada for liability coverage while practicing judo at the club and sanctioned tournaments. This covers your belt gradings as well.

 Up to 65 years old $90/year

+65 years old $40/year

Judo GIs
A limited number of used gis (uniforms) are usually available at the club for trial one-day class.
New GIs: $79.00 & up – depending on the size.
*NO EXTRA FEES for belt gradings, club association fees, club maintenance fees, or Athlete Assistance fees.

*processing fee applies on monthly auto-debit dues


*payment auto-billed monthly with credit card, REGISTRATION IS ANYTIME!  Judo Season Sept-May.
*Club membership fees are pro-rated by the day you join and are non-refundable for other than medical reasons.

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what our students are saying

"amazing Club! amazing coaches! great place for kids to meet lifelong friends and a good place to learn to become bully-proof. highly recommended!" Brian Graf


Sensei Kathy has reinvigorated my passion for Judo! All the people at Lake country judo club are great! after taking more than 15 years away from judo I was welcomed in with open arms and only a small amount of time training together was able to secure a silver medal in my first tournament! High level techniques and high level coaches, mixed with a high level of passion are the ingredients for success! Lake country judo has all of the above!!!

Tyler VanKill

Lake Country Judo club is where it's at folks! The number of Senseis that have dedicated their time to come out and teach the younger athletes is amazing! As a parent, I appreciate the combination of fun, accountability, training and competition opportunity my son receives. There is strong, multi generational mentorship happening at LCJC which is such an important component to raising well rounded, confident young people. You only have to come once to see that this is a tight knit family who care for, support and encourage one another to reach their full potential!

Kendra Weisbrodt

"I can't say enough good things about Lake Country Judo. I look forward to training every day. Every second on the mats is a blessing, laughing at the games in kids class or training with some of my best friends during adult class. I never worry about making a mistake because I know someone will help me. The team feels more like a family. We are always cracking jokes, having fun and learning something new together. I'm supported in my learning and goals on and off the mats and I have NEVER felt better going into a competition, I've got great training partners and PERFECT instruction to help get me there. The love and support at this club is unparalleled and I feel honored every day I get to be in the same room as these people.

Michelle Jorgensen

Such an incredible club. Both club owners, Kathy and Chris and all coaches,  and blackbelt members are passionate and motivated to teach and listen with so much care for the love and flow of Judo.

Since starting at this club, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In such a short time this club had already become like family! Everyone is so welcoming and kind to each other .

This judo club is very serious about making sure we are great training partners to each other. It’s encouraged to take it easy if you’re recovering from an injury.

This is also the club you’ll want to be apart of if you’re wanting to compete and have some of the best judo talent in the Okanagan train you. Soo much heart at this club!

I couldn’t be more proud to be a member!

Thank you Lake Country Judo Club!

From your newest yellowbelt ninja! ?“

Krissy Mulholland

Got to spend time with amazing group of people and compete in my first judo competitions last month. 

I have always had ton of respect for athletes that have trained judo, I would watch videos or live match’s of their beautiful throws.

Extremely thankful for coaches and teammates that were there to provide words of encouragement. An help me feel prepared and confident on the mats. 

Absolutely love the environment of the gym and positive energy coaches bring to mats each class.

Laatya James

A great place to learn the martial art and Olympic sport of Judo. World Champion Sensei Kathy Hubble, National team competitors Sensei Chris and Sensei Aaron are just 3 examples of the great coaches they have there. Fun experience, great team.

Eduardo Aragon

World class coaches that do a great job of making everyone feel comfortable no matter what your skill level. If you're looking to train hard for competitions or looking for a fun way to exercise and stay in shape like me you will find it here. Everyone is supportive and you can tell right away from the positive team atmosphere. I am very happy I found Sensei Kathy, Chris, Aaron and the entire Lake Country Judo team!

Jake Vandermeer

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class times


Kids Class (4-7):
Tuesdays/Thursdays 5:20-6:00

Junior Class (8-12):

Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:00-7:00

Senior Class  (12+):
Tuesdays/Thursdays 7:00-8:15 
Sundays 10-noon (Kelowna venue)

*COMPETITION CLASS (10+): All the regular class times, plus an extra 2 classes:

Thursdays 8:15-9pm and Sundays 10-noon (Kelowna venue)