Lake Country Judo Club wins big at Abbotsford championships

From Castanet News Lake Country Judo Club is celebrating after a sweeping win at the Abbotsford International Judo Championships. It's the first time the club has competed there in years, after being taken over by local black belt national champions Chris Smiley and...

Lake Country Judo Club is getting two new senseis to keep the almost 40-year-old club going

From Kelowna Capital News There are new and excited faces taking over the Lake Country Judo Club. Senseis Kathy Hubble and Chris Smiley are taking over the almost 40-year-old club this upcoming season starting in early September. Hubble and Smiley are both...
March Newsletter
Fun Fun Fun at the Okanagan Open
This past weekend Lake Country Judo and the Kelowna Judo Clubs hosted our annual Okanagan Open. This was a developmental level tournament designed to introduce young judoka to judo competitions. We had at least 8 different judo clubs from the Okanagan, Kamloops, and even as far as Revelstoke in attendance.
Hopefully this experience was fun for our young members, and will encourage them to try out other tournaments in the region. The next one for our youngest members will be the B.C. Open held in Vernon on April 3-4th. With divisions for as young as U14 and a Petit Samurai event, even our youngest members will be able to participate. For more details check out this link.
Please bring your medals with you to Tuesday’s (March 3rd) class for a big team photo!

Class Time Change!

Reminder, starting in March (today) class times will move 30 minutes earlier for Tuesday and Thursdays classes.
Kids class will begin at 6:00pm and end at 7:00.
Seniors will begin at 7:00pm and end at 8:15.

Family Night March 19th

We’re going to do a “Family Night” at the dojo on March 19th!  Kind of like the “Bring a Friend Night” we did in November but it can be anyone, like your Mom or Dad or Aunt or Uncle or younger/older sibling or even a friend is still fine to bring too! We have a “one-time waiver” so, let them try out Judo! (T-shirt and Sweatpants for attire) – We will have a whole night of Games, basic Judo, some Demo’s by the kids, some Demo’s by the adults, a few belt promotions, and more Games, basically a whole night of fun! This will be at regular class times and both junior class and senior class peeps are encouraged to bring someone (or two or three)!

Move of the Month
Sode Tsurikomi Goshi –
Sleeve lifting pulling hip throw.

Sode Tsuri Komi Goshi is a hip throw used in Judo. It is performed by taking a grip on both opponents sleeves, holding one high above the head—the right one when done right-handed—turning in to face the same direction as the opponent, and pulling them over the hips.

For a video demonstration click here.

Upcoming events

March 6-8th – Edmonton International 
This fun tournament is held at the Ice Palace right inside West Edmonton Mall. Registration is now closed however, but it is something to think about for next year.

March 13-15th – Pacific International
Richmond, BC
Another big international tournament held at the Richmond Olympic Oval. For more information or to register click the link above.
Good luck to our competitors who have already entered: Eduardo, Tyler, Michelle, and Laatya, Chris, Clint, and Kathy.

April 3-4th – BC Open
Vernon, BC
A provincial level tournament in our own back yard. We will be looking to send a big team to this one, so be prepared for the sensei’s to be making announcements soon. To get a head start, click the link above and get registered!

April 24-26th – NCCP Coaching Course
Vernon BC
If you’re interested in helping to coach the kids on the mats this is weekend course is a must. Limited spots available. For more information or to register please see Sensei Kathy or Chris, or check out the link above.

April 25-26th – Nage No/Katame No Kata Clinic
Steveston Judo Club, Richmond BC
The Nage No Kata is required for your black belt grading learning this kata is essential if you want to progress in Judo rank. If you’re a brown belt and thinking about grading soon, think about this clinic as well.

May 1 – Last class of the 2019-2020 season
Classes wil resume in September 2020.