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March Newsletter Fun Fun Fun at the Okanagan Open This past weekend Lake Country Judo and the Kelowna Judo Clubs hosted our annual Okanagan Open. This was a developmental level tournament designed to introduce young judoka to judo competitions. We had at least 8...

Michelle Jorgensen from Lake Country Judo going to Para-PanAms in January!

click here for Castanet News article - Michelle Jorgensen of Lake Country Judo

Lake Country Judo Club wins big at Abbotsford championships

From Castanet News Lake Country Judo Club is celebrating after a sweeping win at the Abbotsford International Judo Championships. It's the first time the club has competed there in years, after being taken over by local black belt national champions Chris Smiley and...

Lake Country Judo Club is getting two new senseis to keep the almost 40-year-old club going

From Kelowna Capital News There are new and excited faces taking over the Lake Country Judo Club. Senseis Kathy Hubble and Chris Smiley are taking over the almost 40-year-old club this upcoming season starting in early September. Hubble and Smiley are both...

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We are located at 11888 Mcgowan Rd #A, Winfield, British Columbia (map below). LAKE COUNTRY JUDO & MARTIAL ARTS operates out of The Oceola Fish & Game Club building, you will see the Judo Club sign on the gate!


Kathy Hubble: (250) 808-3842
Chris Smiley: (250) 862-1229

11888 Mcgowan Rd #A, Winfield (Lake Country), BC,


Here are a few answers to questions we get frequently, as well as a few things we thought you might be curious about. If you have any further questions, click "Ask a Question" below or email/text/call us and we'll get right back to you!

What Should I Wear on My First Day or For My Trial Class?

You can participate on your first day or trial class with just a pair of sweatpants/shorts and long-sleeved shirt. A judo uniform is actually called a Judogi (or “gi” for short). We have a limited amount of recycle gi’s, you can borrow one if there’s one that fits or just wear what you came in and buy a new gi next time you come.

Where did Judo come from?

Modern Judo is a martial art based on the traditional Jujutsu fighting and self-defense techniques of Japan.

What is the difference between Judo and jujutsu?

Judo is the modern scientific application of selected jujutsu techniques that may be practiced for self-development, physical education and sport. Jujutsu retains more dangerous self defense techniques, while Judo can generally be practiced with full force and complete safety.

What is the English translation or the meaning of the word Judo?

Judo translates to "Gentle Way"

What is the purpose in learning Judo?

The development of character, mind, and body so that one can contribute something of value to the world.

What are the other main principles in learning Judo?

The principle of cooperation (jita kyoei), working for mutual welfare and benefit. The principle of maximum efficiency (seiryoku zenyo), using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest results.

When did Judo become an Olympic sport?

Judo, the first Asian martial art to become an Olympic medal sport, has been an official Olympic event for men since 1964. Olympic Judo competition for women was added in 1992.

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