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Goshin Jutsu, Juno Kata and Referee Seminar

Lake Country Judo Club was proud to host a Goshin Jutsu, Juno Kata and Referee seminar on Feb. 19th, 20th and 21st. Approximately 40 people attended the weekend clinic from the following judo clubs; Salmo, Vernon, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Kamloops judo club, 100 mile and of course the host club Lake Country. The Goshin Jutsu was demonstrated by Art Nishi, Ron Kuromoto and Bob Griechen. The Juno Kata was demonstrated by Art Nishi and Ron Kuromoto and the Referee Clinic was run by Seiko Ouchi and Ron Kuromoto.
Everyone in attendance brought great interest and energy to the clinic which made for a great learning experience for those learning and those teaching as well. Thank you very much to those who attended the successful event and special thanks to the instructors who came from the coast to share their knowledge; Art Nishi, Ron Kuromoto and Seiko Ouchi. We hope to have more Kata clinics in the Interior and with this kind of attendance I am sure we will.
Remember, no matter what level you are and how much Kata you know you can always learn something new and perfect what you already know. It is a life long process.

Group shot for the Weekend Clinic ( taken Sunday Feb. 21st, 2010 )

Quick Video of those in attendance at the start of the Clinic ( Friday Feb 19th, 2010 )

Quick Video of Art Nishi and Ron Kuromoto teaching the Juno Kata

Demonstration and Promotion Night

Lake Country Judo Club had a great demonstration and promotion night on Tues. Jan 26th. The event was well attended by a fun crowd of friends and family. Thank you to everyone that attended, spectators and athletes alike. We had 26 promotions in total for both the junior and senior classes. Here are the promotions in each class.



- Anna Auch, Mikayla Palazzo and Michael Denman


- Abby Freeborn


- Sophia Boal, Jessica Francis and Josh Townsend


- Kendra Bond, Garett Denman and Brandon Freeborn



- Neil Oberhalzer and Wilco Oberhalzer


- Victor De Feo and Daniel Tarbox


- Jason Woodroff and Chad Parfitt


- Kim Harrison, Dan Harrison, Ty Bond, Scott Francis, Kyle Francis, Quinn Komant, Quinn Middleton, Nick Palazzo, Rick Dubois and Damien Burggraeve

Congratulations to everyone!

Demonstration and Promotion Night - Videos

Goshin Jutsu Demonstration by Bob Griechen and Jamie Mcpherson

Demonstration of technique by Kendra Bond and Sophia Boal

Demonstration of technique by Gord Harrison and Jeff Chimney

Demonstration of technique by Neil Komant and Damien Burggraeve

Two day Self Defence Course for Woman

The Lake Country Judo Club is proud to run a two day Womans Self Defence Course. The course combines Judo techniques and simple strikes for effective self defence training that can be taught in a short period of time. The course not only teaches the women physical tools to protect themselves it also involves the psychological conditioning that they have the ability to use these techniques to possibly save thier lives.
*Special thanks to the black belts who gave thier time and energy, Bob Griechen ( Sensei ), Ann Griechen, Keith Griechen, Terry Lamb and Karen Erickson.

A demonstration of effective strikes and Osoti Gari for Self Defence by Ann and Terry.

A demonstration using a standing Ude Garami to defend a knife attack by Sensi and Keith.

A class participant using Yoko Wakari to defend an aggressive forward attack.

A class participant using Osoto Gari to take down an attacker.

Congratulations to Chris, Keith and Ian

The Judo B.C. Grading Board approved three Lake Country Judo members for promotion. Club instructors can promote students up to the rank of Brown belt but any promotion to Black belt or higher must be done by the B.C. Grading Board.

Congratulations to Ian Moir who was promoted from Brown belt to Black belt ( Shodan ), Chris Smiley who was promoted to Black belt 2nd degree ( Nidan ) and Keith Griechen who was promoted to Black belt 3rd degree ( Sandan ). It is great to have this kind of experience in our club. Sensei Bob Griechen did a great job in getting Chris, Keith and Ian ready for grading.

From left to right: ( Chris Smiley, Keith Griechen and Ian Moir )

Steveston Judo Club, Vancouver ( Grading Board 2009 )

Here is a link to the Judo B.C. website

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