Burnaby Tournament

Congratulations to Chris Smiley, Neil Komant, Quinn Komant and Scott Francis for representing Lake Country Judo at the Burnaby Judo Tournament. Neil and Quinn both took second place with Quinn actually being moved up a weight class to fight heavier competition.
Scott took fouth place in a tough division and Chris Smiley won his first fight but broke his collar bone in the second fight. All four fought hard and smart.

Chris Smiley first fight

Neil Komant first fight

Neil Komant second fight

Quinn Komant first fight

Scott Francis first fight

Abbotsford Judo Tournament

Congratulations to Chris Smiley for placing second in the Abbotsford Judo Tournament. Here are a couple of video clips of 2 of Chris's fights....he won both with Ippon.

Here Chris wins the fight with a nice counter throw...demonstrating how a strong finish to a simple counter can earn you an Ippon.

Here Chris executes a textbook left Harai-Goshi to score an Ippon.